Summer Slide Prevention, IDEA, Duke Energy, and Eclipse of a Lifetime: This is your e-Update

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June 22, 2017 - Volume 12


NC STEM Center can help

prevent summer learning loss

It's officially summer and most schools are out for break, but that doesn’t mean students should stop learning. Researchers have found that kids can lose one to two months of reading and math skills over the summer. This phenomenon, called summer learning loss, impacts low-income students the most. And, as students progress to higher grade levels, the achievement gap widens. Summer learning loss is responsible for between 50 and 66 percent of this gap. While the summer months are typically a time for vacations and personal relaxation, it’s also a great time for continued student learning. Keep reading. Make the best use of local programs and events - they usually are free. Get active. Work with a teacher. And, of course, visit the NC STEM Center to leverage our powerful portal full of educational programs throughout North Carolina powered by The Connectory. Most people don’t realize the amount of learning that happens during the summer. Give yourself and your students some opportunities to break the summer slide as well as time re-energize so they return for the school year ready to start instruction on the first day of school. Enjoy your e-Update. Tweet us @NCSTEM with suggestions, feedback or other thoughts about this issue or future ones.


Report: NC school ranks in top 5 nationally for STEM Schools

U.S. News & World Report recently released its list of the Best High Schools for STEM across the nation. Early College at Guilford in Greensboro was ranked No. 4 in the STEM Rankings and No. 62 in the National Rankings.




Duke Energy provides $2.7M for STEM, other programs

Duke Energy is charging up summertime education programs, including numerous ones focusing on STEM and work force development, with $2.7 million in grants. More than 70 programs are receiving funding.





Kenan Fellows secures 100K grant from Biogen Foundation

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership has received a $100,000 grant from the Biogen Foundation to build the professional capacity of outstanding teachers as they then begin to lead their peers.




Learn about 'The Eclipse of a Lifetime' at PARI before August

The public is invited on July 14 to learn more about the total solar eclipse that will transverse the United States on Aug. 21. The event will include an explanation of eclipses, predictions for the path of totality and what will be visible outside of that path, plus important information on how to view the eclipse safely.



STEM Spotlight

U.S. Department of Education New IDEA Website


The U.S. Department of Education has launched a new website dedicated to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) spent more than two months collecting feedback from parents, educators, administrators, service providers and advocates for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities as to what they would like to see on a new IDEA site. Click here or the image above for more information.

Resources & Tools



North Carolina Statewide STEM Strategy

STEM Education Data and Trends


Elementary STEM Implementation Rubric

Middle School STEM Implementation Rubric

High School STEM Implementation Rubric

STEM Attributes for North Carolina Schools

NC STEM ScoreCard


U.S. Department of Education

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

NC STEM Center Funding Resources


STEM Grants & Awards

National Science Teachers Association Grant Databaseng

NEA Learning & Leadership Grants

LEGO Children's Fund Grants

Tech Ed Association (ITEEA) Grants

IEEE Engineering Education

NCTM Teacher Professional Development Grants

Walmart Foundation Grants

Association of American Educators Classroom Grants

NEF CyberLearning STEM Grants for Schools

 NEF’s STEM+ Academy Grant

PPG Industries Foundation Education and Community Grants

STEM Trivia

Last issue's STEM Trivia question: A new study released this month suggests that what may cause your brain to "eat" parts of itself? The answer: Lack of Sleep. Thanks for the submissions, but we had no correct answers this time. Let's see how well you do with this week's question ...

Approximately 2 percent of all people have what eye color?

Think you know the answer? Click here to submit your response to @NCSTEM. If you choose not to click that link, please include the word "answer" in your tweet so we can find it (the link will automatically do so for you). We’ll announce winners in the next e-Update!


Upcoming STEM Events

What's New?

The NC STEM Center has entered into a partnership with The Connectory, the go-to place for families to discover local STEM opportunities for the children in their lives and for program providers to find partners with which to collaborate. Visit Find Opportunities to browse other upcoming opportunities.


Events Calendar

WRESA/NCASA Summer Leadership Conference 2017

NCBCE Teachers@Work Initiative

2017 Close It Summit

6th Annual Bridging the Gap Conference

Have an event coming up and want people to know about it?

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Regional STEM Resources

Wonder Connection - NC Botanical Gardens

Wonder Connection engages hospitalized children with the wonders of science through meaningful learning experiences and to promote healing and hope through positive connections with nature. Wonder Connection is a one-of-a-kind program that provides pediatric patients with a connection to the natural world via hands-on natural science activities. Click or tap on the image below or the orange "read more" button to learn more about this valuable STEM resource in North Carolina.


Learn more more about STEM programs in your community, click here. Become a member of NC STEM Center today. Joining is free and easy. Logged-in members get access to grant opportunities and the ability to promote their STEM programs and events.




Have STEM News or an Event to Share?

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