Mathtastic, STEM Uncovered, Diversity and Earth's New Cousin: This is your e-Update

Mathtastic, STEM Uncovered, Diversity and Earth's New Cousin: This is your e-Update

July 24, 2015 - Volume 14

NC STEM Center e-Update

Team USA wins Math Olympiad,
breaks China dominance

The United States has ended a 21-year drought when the team took home first place recently in the annual International Mathematical Olympiad. The U.S. win broke a long stretch dominated by China, which placed lower than second only once during that period (China took second this year). The IMO is a competition for high schoolers around the world. The U.S. ranks 36 of 65 countries and economies on math proficiency among 15-year-olds, according to the Programme for International Student Assessment, but those rankings are based on population-wide statistics; the IMO pits countries’ very top tier against one another. The U.S. picks its six-person team through a series of tests. These aren’t the standardized tests students take at the end of the year. U.S. students take three tests: the AMC (multiple choice), the AIME (all answers are integers between 0 and 999) and the USAMO (six questions, all proof-based). Any student in 8th through 12th grade can choose to take the AMC, but to take any subsequent tests, students must score high on the preceding one. Congrats mathletes on a job well done! Enjoy your e-Update.


Afterschool Alliance on the NRC's report on out-of-school STEM


Be sure to check out Anita Krishnamurthi’s blog post about the National Research Council’s recent report on out-of-school STEM.

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N.C. A&T and Verizon select 400 students to explore STEM fields


Through the Minority Male Makers program developed by Verizon, 400 middle school boys in Greensboro are working with local innovators at N.C. A&T to develop high-level technology skills that will lead to a brighter future in the classroom and beyond.

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Women making progress in STEM, but we're not there yet


So much has been written about why there are so few women in STEM jobs and what we can do about it. While we are making progress, girls and women are still falling out of the pipeline.

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Kepler finds Earth's 'older cousin' planet


NASA made big news this week during a teleconference: A new Earth-like planet has been discovered with striking similarities to our own.

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STEM Spotlight

STEM Uncovered


Kids are told to dream big – afterschool programs allow them to do just that. Uncover the work of your program and students, and tell us what really happens in STEM afterschool. Submit your video to YouTube by August 1 for summer programs. Click the image above for more details.



Wolfpack Science

Thw fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (known collectively as STEM) have a diversity problem. See what NC State is doing to help fix it. Click for more.


Righting Wrongs

Active problem-solving confers a deeper understanding of science than does a standard lecture. But some university lecturers are reluctant to change tack. Click for more.

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North Carolina Statewide STEM Strategy

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STEM Attributes for North Carolina Schools

STEM Education Data and Trends

Race to the Top State-by-State analysis

Year 2 Report for Race to the Top in NC (PDF)

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NC STEM Center Funding Resources

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NEF CyberLearning STEM Grants for schools

NEF’s STEM+ Academy Grant

GSK / McREL International Ribbon of Hope


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What's Trending in STEM?


STEM Trivia Question


Last issue's STEM Trivia question: A magnifying glass is what type of lens? The answer is Convex. Congratulations to @terajones
for being the first to submit the correct answer.

Let's see how well you can do with this week's question ...

Most people know a closed figure with 8 straight sides is call an octagon. And some might even know a 10-sided figure is called a decagon. But what is a 20-sided figure called?

Think you know the answer? Click here to submit your response to @NCSTEM. If you choose not to click that link, please include the word "answer" in your tweet so we can find it (the link will automatically do so for you). We’ll announce winners in the next e-Update!


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Regional Resources

Think Smart Outreach Center

Think Smart Outreach Center, Inc. 21st Century Community Learning Center, a non-profit Drop out Prevention youth organization established in 2001, provides services to all Harnett County youth ages 2-18 and their families to ensure youth have access to programs which stimulate their total development in terms of intellectual, social, physical, cultural and ethical growth. Click the image below for more information about this regional resource for North Carolina.


Learn more more about STEM programs in your community, click here. Become a member of NC STEM Center today. Joining is free and easy. Logged-in members get access to grant opportunities and the ability to promote their STEM programs and events.
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