Program Administrators

NC STEM Center helps support STEM efforts by giving local, state and national programs serving North Carolina a way to promote programs with parents, students, adult learners and teachers throughout all parts of the state. And through our partnership with The Connectory, any programs and opportunities listed on NC STEM Center are shared with The Connectory’s national database.

NC STEM Center Program Administrators can contribute new programs and opportunities to the website. During registration, or at any time from their Account Profile page, users can select to become a Program Administrator. When the Program Administrator option is selected, users will have a linked account created in The NC STEM Connectory Exchange dashboard.

The two accounts are linked in multiple ways:
— Logging into either website (i.e., NC STEM Center or the NC STEM Connectory Exchange) will log you into both sites.
— If you update your contact information or profile details, both sites will receive the update information.

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