NC STEM ScoreCard

North Carolina is at a critical crossroads in its economic and educational development. The proud traditional businesses and occupations that fueled our economy in the past, especially those requiring minimal education and skills, are playing a diminishing role in our state. A new more competitive economy has emerged, one that requires higher levels of knowledge and skills — many based in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) — and achieved through more engaging teaching and learning strategies.

Each month the NC STEM ScoreCard will look at an aspect of STEM education. The goal is to build broader awareness of how P-20 STEM* education is being nurtured across North Carolina and the impact on the well-being of our citizens and state.

Three key questions framing this goal are:

  1. In what ways does the state directly invest in programming and innovations that promote STEM learning?
  2. In what ways are significant philanthropies and other organizations supporting STEM education and learning in North Carolina?
  3. What measurable impacts is North Carolina realizing from its strategic investments?

*We define STEM as Strategies That Engage Minds®

With the NC STEM ScoreCard, we hope to provide evidence for the public and decision-makers to make informed choices about how to build and sustain a more robust North Carolina economy — and one that is more broadly distributed across the state.

Each month, EdNC publishes a perspective, or chapter, focused on strategic investments and programs that increase the numbers, quality, and impact of STEM education in North Carolina. View the EdNC STEMscorecard main page here. Once a month’s chapter is published, we’ll also update the listings provided here below …

The monthly feature on EducationNC is written in partnership with the N.C. Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (SMT) Center and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.