STEM in North Carolina

What is STEM?

STEM technically stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But we really think of it as “Strategies That Engage Minds.”

These days, almost every job – even those you least expect – require some skill in a STEM discipline. But many students graduate today without those skills. That’s not just bad for students; it’s bad for many North Carolina communities that lack the well-trained workforce needed to attract good jobs.

Maintaining our scientific and technological leadership in North Carolina is essential to our economy, our national security, and our future. It’s not just about science and math – it’s about Strategies that Engage Minds. It’s about being ready for college, careers, and life.

What is NC STEM Center?

NC STEM Center is a project of the NC STEM Learning Network, a statewide effort through the NC Science, Mathematics & Technology Education Center in collaboration with NC Department of Public Instruction, NC Community College System and UNC General Administration. NC STEM Center provides a one-stop portal that allows parents, teachers, businesses and others access to cutting-edge resources working to advance rigorous and relevant education in our state.

What is North Carolina doing to promote STEM Education?

There are hundreds of programs and efforts that promote STEM education in North Carolina- and more are being created every month.

In 2012, state leaders developed a comprehensive plan to create a road map for ensuring our students are prepared for 21st century jobs – and that our businesses have access to a pool of educated workers all across North Carolina. This statewide STEM strategy calls for various measures to promote quality STEM education, including:

  • Increasing STEM achievement by students, educators, and institutions.
  • Broadening public support and awareness for improving STEM education in the state.
  • Forming essential public/private partnerships to help enhance STEM resources.

To meet these measures, North Carolina developed innovative tools to track progress in STEM education, created a STEM designation for exemplary STEM schools & programs, and of course built this web site to provide a one-stop web resources to find information about STEM resources in your area.

North Carolina is also a sustaining partner in STEMx, a national organization of state STEM education collaboratives working to promote and share state and national tools, resources and practices.